Pampa Cushions are handwoven by artisans in rural Argentina under the same value system as our rugs, we have two lines, Monte and Andes.

Monte Cushions: Handwoven by artisans from the same rural villages as our Monte rugs, Monte cushions are made using similar techniques and colourways. The round cushions are woven on a circular loom, while square cushions are made by interlacing yarns in across-hatch pattern. Both shapes are finished with colourful, handmade pompoms along the seam. The feather inserts that add to Monte cushions’ soft and cozy feel can be easily removed through a specially woven opening on the back.

Andes Cushions: Andes cushions are cut from the same vibrant textiles as our Andes Collection of rugs. They have enviro friendly inserts that are filled with a fibre that looks, feels and performs in the same way as a high-gradepoly fibre, but it is completely recycled.


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