Photography is a powerful tool that has become our voice to communicate what we think is important in order to feel closer to our roots. To assess what we leave behind. To capture unique and unrepeatable moments. Otherwise, now or then the wind will beresponsible for removing our present with its dusty hands.

Trace a map with us by following our journeys across time, space and culture.

Pampa Photography documents our travels through Argentina and sheds a light on the artisan communities we work with and our respect for nature's ways.

We live in a constant search. That's Pampa.


We are two photographers, one from Argentina, the other from Australia that chose to start a life together.

Sharing two worlds: Earth & Ocean.

Sharing two visions: Art & Nature.

Sharing two cultures: Latin American & Australian.

Combining worlds + Complementing visions + Integrating cultures 

This is us. This is what we stand for. This is Pampa.


The available series are:

Pampa Horses | Pampa Crosses | Pampa Cactus | Andes Region | Highlanders in the Hinterland

The available sizes:

60 x 40 cm’s   =  $285 |   90 x 60 cm’s  =  $435 |  110 x 75 cm’s  = $595 

All images are printed on high-quality cotton Photo Rag paper and have an extra 5 cm’s of white border.


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